At  the Susan Odell Taylor School, our emphasis is on fostering children’s curiosity and creativity while enabling them to become highly literate students with strong mathematical, scientific and social understandings.

We are aware of differing learning styles and design our learning experiences with these differences in mind. The arts are incorporated into our curriculum as we have found that children of all learning styles respond to music, movement, and art and that these disciplines enliven and support classroom instruction.

Our classrooms in first through eigth  grade are multiage.  Multiage classrooms offer a natural approach to education - enabling each child to progress at their own pace and also strengthen developing skills and concepts through interaction with their peers. The multiage classroom allows all children to teach and model what they know. The younger children benefit from their older classmates’ knowledge and maturity, while the older children become leaders and gain confidence as they celebrate their skills and abilities.

We maintain a low student/teacher ratio. This allows us to support each child’s academic progress while maintaining high expectations. Emphasis is placed on academic rigor within the friendly, caring atmosphere of a community of learners.

Lower School - located at 116 Pinewoods Ave in Troy  (Preschool - 4th grade) Hours are 8:30am -3:30pm

Upper School - located at 75 First Street, on the Russell Sage Campus in Troy (Grades 5 - 8th grade)  Hours are 8:15-3:15pm





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October 25, 2017    8:30 - 10am   

     Lower School - 116 Pinewoods Avenue, Troy   

     Upper School - 75 First Street, Troy

                               For more information please contact Suzanne Clarkson at 274-4994

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