We are proud to announce the 3-4 Class Community Service-Learning Project called Hurricane Hope: Kids Helping Kids


The 3-4 class is taking a positive approach as they learn about natural disasters and want to do something actively to bring communities together.  In keeping with the Taylor School mission, this project will empower our students to become knowledgeable, productive, resposible citizens and instill in our students the value of contributing to the greater global community.

You can help and assist our students in their "services" by encouraging them to do something to help others, even if it's helping out around the house or doing some fall clean-up.  There is a value in providing a selfless service to help others in need.

Items to donate: Diapers, Baby wipes, Toothbrushes, Dental Floss, Soap, Shampoo, Deoderant and Toothpaste

There is a coin drop set up in the main hall at Lower School, along with bins to put your donated items into.

Additionally, our students will be entrepreneurs as they embark on a business adventure.  Students will be busy making "friendship bracelets" with inspiring words embedded to spread joy and peace all around.  We will provide a service and produce a product that we will sell to raise money for hurricane victims.

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October 25, 2017    8:30 - 10am   

     Lower School - 116 Pinewoods Avenue, Troy   

     Upper School - 75 First Street, Troy

                               For more information please contact Suzanne Clarkson at 274-4994

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