Taylor School is led by a Board of Trustees composed of parents and community leaders. The Board of Trustees, along with the children, their families, our faculty, and friends in the greater community, contribute to maintaining our high academic standards. The Board of Trustees regularly evaluates our programs and policies to ensure our school’s on-going success.

Taylor School board of trustees includes the following dedicated members of our school community:

President: Michael Fanning
Vice President: Allison Armour-Garb & Mary Jane Bendon-Couch
Secretary: Anne de Noronha
Treasurer: Dorinda Murray
Past President: William Faragon


Bethany Beaudoin
Richard Hartt
Jim Dillon
Cary Dresher
Valerie Gill
Martha Mabeus
Kristian Mariaca 
Keira O'Brien
Lisa Trahan

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     Lower School - 116 Pinewoods Avenue, Troy   

     Upper School - 75 First Street, Troy

                               For more information please contact Suzanne Clarkson at 274-4994

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