At the Susan Odell Taylor School, our emphasis is on fostering children’s curiosity and creativity while enabling them to become highly literate students with strong mathematical, scientific and social understandings.


IMG 3888 1Our literacy program is a comprehensive and balanced program that is research-based and built upon high standards. Students participate in a blend of the following components as they learn to become highly literate individuals.

Guided Reading provides the opportunity to match reading instruction to the individual. The tailored small group instruction allows the teacher to model and prompt the student to think about the reading process supported by independent reading strategies. The instruction is guided by the student’s needs through careful assessment and observations.

The Fundations program (utilized in PreK through second grade) is a structured, sequential, and cumulative phonics/spelling program that uses multisensory teaching techniques. Fundations is based upon the Wilson Reading System and provides a solid foundation for reading and spelling.

Junior Great Books (grades 3-6) combines reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing, and collaborative discussion to raise students’ literacy achievement.

Writing Workshop provides an environment for students to develop their voice and engage in writing a variety of texts. Teachers guide students through the writing process and provide instruction through mini-lessons and student conferences. Writing Workshop provides students a chance to use writing for different purposes across the curriculum while fostering independence and a lifelong love of writing.

The Sitton Spelling program (grades 1-6) emphasizes correct spelling in everyday writing, not just for a weekly test. Sitton Spelling focuses on the words most frequently used in writing, as well as word analysis to identify patterns in the structure of words. The program is designed to allow for individualized spelling word study, determined through student assessment, so that each student is provided with a customized word list.


IMG 3507Mathematics instruction is offered at each grade level in small classes. In grades one through eight, students have a 60-minute math block five days a week.

Students in prekindergarten through seventh grade participate in the Singapore mathematics curriculum. Students learn the concepts using a three-step learning process- concrete, pictorial, and abstract. Mathematical problem-solving is an important component of the program. The use of diagrams called "bar-models" allows students to visualize complex word problems and associate meaning to mathematical operations, instead of just memorizing algorithms. In eighth grade, students have the option of taking pre-algebra or Algebra 1 Regents level math.



AIMG 3960

Our students use their minds, leadership skills and creativity in many ways. Some of the best examples of our students’ skills are demonstrated in our enrichment programs. The Susan Odell Taylor School offers classes in art, music, yoga, Spanish and physical education taught by experienced adjunct teachers committed to Taylor School's high standards for an enriched curriculum and learning experience.

We also enrich our curriculum through after school and special school-wide programs. After school programs such as Yoga, Ski Club, Circus Theatricks, instrumental lessons, Future City, Creative Engineering, Odyssey of the Mind, and others add to the excitement of each week.


IMG 3877Our vision at the Susan Odell Taylor School is that every student will acquire the skills necessary to select and appropriately manage digital tools to meet problem-solving, research and communications objectives. Students will use these tools in powerful, ethical, and collaborative ways to further their understanding of the world in which they live, and they will be able to communicate their understanding to others.

The Susan Odell Taylor School employs a variety of information and communication technologies to accomplish this vision. We have partnered with Google Education to employ Google Apps for Education. Students in grades 3-8 work in a 1:1 environment with Google Chromebooks, and use a wide variety of applications in conjunction with our rich curriculum to enhance their learning.

The Taylor School is committed to the acceptable use of technology and keeping our students safe in a 21st Century learning environment. On our Pinewoods Campus, we utilize the Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum to educate our students on these important issues. On our Sage Campus, we use the Be Internet Aware curriculum through Google Education for our older students.