At the Susan Odell Taylor School, our emphasis is on fostering students’ curiosity and creativity while enabling them to become highly literate students with strong mathematical, scientific, and social understandings.

Our classrooms in fifth through eighth grade are multiage. Multiage classrooms offer a natural approach to education - enabling each child to progress at their own pace and also strengthen developing skills and concepts through interaction with their peers. Literacy, the humanities, and science are taught in multiage groupings. Math and Spanish classes are taught in grade-level cohorts, in keeping with the foundational nature of these subjects.

Graduates of the Susan Odell Taylor School move on to high schools across the Capital Region. Our academically rigorous curriculum and emphasis on creative problem solving prepares our students to be highly successful, with many graduates participating in honors and/or advanced classes.

Please contact us and arrange a visit. We enjoy your phone calls and welcome your visits anytime.

Sage Campus: Located at 75 First Street in Troy (Grades 5 - 8th grade). Hours 8:00 am – 3:20 pm.