Think Tank is a time for students to work on projects and activities that promote attributes that will be valuable in our ever-changing world. During Think Tank, students are given the opportunity to become engaged, collaborative, innovative, creative, flexible, critical thinkers and doers.

Some basic principles of Think Tank are:

Taylor School students learning during Think Tank

  • Learn by Doing: Students are challenged to become the creators and designers of their own knowledge.
  • Hard Fun: Students are highly engaged in complex problem solving and innovation.
  • Technology as Building Material: Today many applications are designed with a simple, usable interfaces allowing for the use of technology as building material without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.
  • You Can’t Get It Right Without Getting It Wrong: Giving students permission to fail while working through complex problems is empowering and motivating.
  • Taking Time: It takes time for students to develop plans, implement them, perhaps fail, and try again. Think Tank encourages persistence, resilience, complex problem solving, and innovation.