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Important Upcoming Dates:

June 3-7 Testing Week

June 5 History Challenge 8:10 am -10:00 am

June 6 Celebration at Brown's Revolution Hall - Adults only event

June 11 8th grade Dinner for graduates

June 12 Field Day

June 14 Moving Up Day at Emma Willard for all Taylor School students


Discussion Starters..........

  • What was your favorite part of Camp Chingachgook?
  • What books are you planning to read this summer?  
  • What was the most fascinating fact you learned about your ancient civilization during research lab? 


June 2019

Studying People Scientifically

As an extension to our unit "Studying People Scientifically," the 5-6 class worked in partnerships to design a lab that they conducted with the help of the 1-2 class. The 1-2 students served as the subjects of the labs. 

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History Challenge

All parents were invited to the 5/6 class for a “History Challenge,” where the children tested their knowledge of an ancient civilization.  The children worked hard to become knowledgeable about an ancient civilization, focusing on its geography, historical timelines, ecosystems, ethnic groups, culture, economy, government, etc. Their final published books convey complex ideas and information clearly and accurately. The parents' task was to use their child’s informational textbook to answer in complete sentences, high level thinking questions that required them to support their answer with textual information.

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May 2019

Camp Chingachgook

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Ukrainian Eggs

A special thank you to Miss Amanda and Mr. Joe, Erika's parents, for coming in and teaching us how to create beautiful Ukrainian eggs.

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20190501 14064220190501 135223


April 2019


Ancient China..........Terracotta Soldiers

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Original Plays

Circumference of Man, by Russell Armstrong

Following a set of mysterious circumstances 40 years prior, the former victim of one of the strangest cases ever investigated involving multidimensional creatures and magical objects is sent to a small town in rural Kansas to investigate a mysterious ‘incident’ that has taken place. But once the agent arrives, he finds that old friends are not what they seem and that something foreboding reminds him of hauntings from his past….

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Family is Everything, by Ariana Vega Werner

With super smart scientist parents and an uncle always there for them, Kay and Blair live comfortably in their New York City apartment. But when their parents are suddenly arrested, Kay and Blair feel blindsided. Hoping for answers, the two siblings follow strange clues left by an unknown caller. They are then lead to discovering a powerful secret that will change everything.

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A Prison of Time, by Daphne Hobbs

Hecate is VERY powerful when it comes to magic, but she doesn’t deal with grief well (which is ironic, since her magic is based around death). Her future self, going insane from being trapped in a prison of time, decides to tell the story of why she was imprisoned. Because only monsters should face eternity alone, right?

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Bike Chains Break at the Worst Times, by Sydney Aurora

The play begins, but where is the Narrator? Somewhere off getting run over by a bike, probably. As Gunter and Kyle will have to learn, the show must go on.

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Student Teachers

Russell Sage students enrolled in VPA 111 (Intro to Visual & Performing Arts) spent the semester learning how to integrate the visual and performing arts into the teaching of the core curricular subject areas. Each spring, the Sage College students share lessons with our students. This year’s lessons correlated with our current study of ancient civilizations.  The 5/6 class enjoyed the creative and engaging lessons the college students designed for them. It was a wonderful experience for all!

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Ancient Civilizations

Research Lab

What is civilization? Why are ancient civilizations so intriguing?  From Egyptians embalming to Roman gladiators, the 5-6 students are hooked on uncovering details about the rise and fall of early empires and the daily lives of people long ago.  By the end of the Ancient CIvilizations unit, the students will have a sound understanding on the development of the first major human civilizations from across the globe, including Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, India, Greece, Rome, Aztec, and the Maya.  

In this unit, students will read widely in a variety of genres, including historical fiction, biographies, and nonfiction.  Students will also become familiar with archeology, as they discover how we find new information about very old civilizations. Since Mythology reveals information about the belief systems of people in ancient civilizations, we suggest that students develop a familiarity with this important genre as part of the unit.  Mythology is one of the key ways we learn about the ideas and beliefs of ancient civilizations from gender roles to the value of natural resources. The children will be fascinated with the drama and adventure of ancient myths.

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The students each chose an ancient civilization to research in depth. They will become quite knowledgeable about this civilization and by the end of the unit will be able to say, “Ask me anything about my civilization.” The students will have a newfound knowledge and excitement about the geography, historical timelines, ecosystems, ethnic groups, culture, economy, government, etc., of ancient civilizations. They will also see progress in reading, writing, and vocabulary, as they explore ancient civilizations.  


Becoming a United States CitizenIMG 6111

A sixth-grade parent came into the 5/6 class to tell the students about his journey to becoming a United States Citizen.  

March 2019

Ancient China

5/6 students are currently learning about ancient China. China is the longest continuous civilization the world has ever known, stretching from prehistory to the present; therefore, it is unique when compared to the West. The purpose of this unit is to have the students learn about and participate in the “ways” of ancient Chinese history and culture, so different from our western civilization “ways,” yet so remarkably influential on how our “ways” have evolved.

The students have been divided into "clans" that work in groups to learn about Chinese geography, literature, history, arts, science, philosophy, and religion. Five sections of activities involve designing clan banners (based on ancient Chinese conceptions of the universe), making an illustrated Great Wall timeline, planning advertising billboards for locations along the Silk Road, navigating the maze-like Forbidden City to complete tasks related to ancient Chinese culture and philosophy, and competing in tournaments of Chinese Chess and Dominoes.

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School Spirit Week Highlights!

Wear One Color Day

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Mix 'n' Match Day

IMG 6002IMG 6005IMG 6007

Hat Day

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Twin Day


Show Your Support Day


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The 5/6 students started an in-depth unit study of experimental design. Within this engaging and immersive unit, the students will learn how to be a subject within their study. In our first experience, the lab partners strove to save "Fred" in a fun scenario featuring a gummy worm and a lifesaver. Students had to get the lifesaver around the gummy worm using only four paper clips. The learners are beginning to discover the benefits of a systematic approach, and how establishing roles, partnerships, and group work will help them stay on task.

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February 2019

Mike Fonda, a prevention educator from St. Peter’s Health Partners, came to the Sage Campus to present a program called Project Teamwork (PTW) to the students in grades 5-8. PTW is a diversity awareness and appreciation program developed to address issues that may create the potential for bullying behaviors. The presentation created a dialogue around real-life situations and exclusionary behaviors facing students today by using interactive exercises and open-ended questions.  

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Kente Cloth Weaving

The Sage Campus students completed a Kente-inspired paper strip weaving project. Kente cloth originated with the Ashanti people of Ghana.  It is famous for its bold multicolored patterns, bright colors, and geometric shapes. Each color and shape has a significant meaning and is chosen to fit the event.

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Clementine Hunter

As part of Black History Month, the 5-6 Class read the book Art From Her Heart by Kathy Whitehead. This is a story about American Folk Artist, Clementine Hunter.

Hunter (1887-1988) was a self-taught artist who captured scenes of American farm life.  Like many great folk artists, Hunter used what was available to her and was inspired by the color and joy in everyday life. Through the story, children learn that in 1955, Hunter was not able to view her work alongside art patrons because of segregation laws.  She needed to wait until after hours to view her work hanging in The Delgado Museum (now The New Orleans Museum of Art).

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Garland Nelson

Sage students went to Pinewoods Campus to enjoy a performance by Garland Nelson entitled, "The Evolution of the Black Vocal Tradition."  Tracing musical roots from traditional African culture, through slavery, to American musical movements like the Jazz and the Blues, we learned that the human spirit "will always find a way to manifest."

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January 2019

New York State Capitol

As a culminating activity for the completion of the module "Civics/Government....Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in the Western Hemisphere," the 5/6 class toured the State Capitol, Executive Mansion and visited the Corning Tower Observation Deck.

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Tech Valley High School

 On Tuesday, January 29th, we visited Tech Valley High.  They are in their second year of offering their freshman a course called "Principles of Technology" and this year they made games to teach younger students the different parts of a computer operating system.  The students enjoyed competing with each other as they reviewed common technical terms. They were even a part of a “Jeopardy” style review game created by a Taylor School alum, who now attends Tech Valley.

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Performance by Troy Music Academy 

Students of the Troy Music Academy commemorated the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' last public performance with a lunchtime concert in downtown Troy.  One of our 8th-grade students was among the performers, singing and playing piano for “Don’t Let Me Down.” The Sage Campus students walked through downtown Troy to watch her and a fellow alum of our school. It was an amazing concert!

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Shaker Pointe

The Sage Campus students performed an array of songs for the community of independent seniors at Shaker Pointe at Carondelet. After the performance, the students enjoyed a special treat prepared by members of the community.

IMG 20190125 103941 COLLAGE 

Think Tank

The Sage Campus students are enjoying their new Think Tank, science and art space!

During Think Tank, the construction of students' interactive landscapes has begun. This is a project that incorporates coding using the program, Scratch, as well as connecting their virtual animations to their physical constructions using MaKey MaKey.

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Force & Motion........

The 5-6 students have started a unit study on Force and Motion. First, they identified Newton's Laws and worked in partnerships to create a comic strip for each law. The students used manipulatives to demonstrate each of the laws. Next, the students conducted labs to calculate the speed of a cart and to determine how inertia affects how an object moves. 

20190111 134950

20190111 131844.


The 5/6 students began a unit on public speaking and listening skills called World of Ancient Podium. Every day students will learn and practice some aspect of public speaking. They will make speeches to present and accept awards, to introduce famous people, to inform and persuade. They will study and apply listening skills and be required to practice basic speech fundamentals of gesture and voice. As a result of their experiences, the students will gain confidence and improve their ability to speak and to be an active listener.

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The students used photo references to draw multiple views of their favorite animal. Some students opted for realistic likenesses, where others chose to create a more stylized interpretation. They sculpted their drawings into stunning clay forms. 

20190116 165201 COLLAGE


The Mathematical Cereal Box Challenge:

In this activity, the students demonstrated their skills with ratios and percentages. They needed to create at least 20 imaginative ingredients. Each ingredient had to be expressed as a ratio, a simplified fraction, a decimal, and as a percentage.  The challenge was creating percentages that were all different, yet still added to 100%

IMG 20190111 085246 

November-December 2018

Though the week before break was a short week, we packed a lot of fun experiences into those two days!

Gingerbread Houses 

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Warm Wishes Sharing Dishes

The Sage Campus students prepared and baked an oatmeal breakfast for our annual Warm Wishes Sharing Dishes.  The students followed a recipe, measured, sliced, stirred, and baked to create a delicious meal.

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IMG 5730 1

After enjoying a simple breakfast with their families and friends, we took the leftovers, as well as the items we collected from the Silly Sock exchange, over to Joseph’s House, to share with those in need in the Troy community. 


IMG 5754 1

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The 5-6 students are fully engaged in their study of waves. The class has been learning the properties of waves through interactive demonstrations and taking notes of their learning on their doodle notes sheets. 

The doodle notes offer students a unique way to build a foundation of knowledge through the introduction of vocabulary, the creation of visual analogies and ultimately more on task time. Students move between the physical demonstrations of new concepts and recording their experiences within the doodle notes to help solidify their knowledge. 

20181129 13441020181129 140927



Small groups of students used a slinky to demonstrate the properties of waves.

20181129 134132    

20181115 140241

The class created a human model of transverse and longitudinal waves.

 Pen Pals........

The 5/6 students enjoy receiving letters from their pen pals at the Pinewoods Campus. They look forward to hearing what their friends are up to.

IMG 5643

Social Studies

The 5-6 students are currently learning about the U.S. Constitution.  We began our unit by first understanding the shortcomings of the Articles of Confederation, and why a special convention, the Constitutional Convention of 1787, was called.  The students analyzed and investigated the important steps that went into the development and ratification of the Constitution. By involving the students in many interactive lessons from singing and illustrating the Preamble to the Constitution, helping James Madison decide what rights and freedoms should be included in the Bill of Rights, to roleplaying what would happen if one branch of the government had too much power,  helped the students to gain a better understanding of the role and purpose of the United States Constitution.

IMG 5511





September-October 2018


The 5-6 students are currently involved in a year-long "Mapping the World" study. The students have been working as cartographers as they created a physical relief globe.  They used the lines of latitude and longitude to accurately place continents, islands, mountain ranges, major rivers, and seas and oceans on their maps. They used color to show changes in elevation.  Their map’s key explains the elevation represented by each color. Their hard work can be seen in the beautiful globes they constructed!

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IMG 5594 1IMG 5595


 IMG 5556IMG 5560


 Greek & Latin Roots

The 5/6 students have been developing an interactive notebook on Greek and Latin Roots since the first week of school.  Each page of the notebook is designed in a creative way to help the children learn the meaning of particular roots. Almost 70% of the English language is derived from Latin and Greek languages. Having the students learn these “building blocks” will make it easier for them to recognize and decode unfamiliar words that are related to a known root.  It is also important for students to learn the meaning of Greek and Latin Roots as they will encounter technical vocabulary in science and other content areas. The interactive notebook is a resource we will continue to add to throughout the remainder of the school year.

Greek and Latin



In science class, the 5-6 students have been investigating the Geological Timeline and discovering the connections between ancient history, the current local landscape and natural resources in our area. During our visit to Thacher Park, we learned about the local geologic history of our area by hiking on the Indian Ladder Trail to view the rock strata that was embedded with fossils of ancient aquatic sea life. In November, the class will visit a Callanan Quarry to see how local resources are extracted and used, the relationship between the company and the local community and how technology supports the daily function of the quarry. In addition, the students will be interacting with primary artifacts, experts, and see the materials used to create everyday products.

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