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Important Upcoming Dates:

May 29 Talent Share 9:00-10:00am

May 30 Final Lunch on the Town

June 5-7 End of Year 7-8 Class Field Trip

June 6 Celebration at Brown's Revolution Hall in Troy (Parents only event)

June 11 8th grade Dinner

June 12 Field Day

June 14 Moving Up Ceremony at Emma Willard for Taylor School students



  • What book are you reading?  What do you notice and wonder about when reading? Is the book what you expected?
  • What is the Civil Rightst movement?  What were some of the events that took place during this time?
  • What do you know about nonviolent protest?  How does it work?
  • What are you writing about for your social narrative?  What communities do you see and take part in? 


May 2019

Writer's Workshop

For our final capstone project, students are working on a project called a "Scholarly Social Narrative," a piece that integrates different types of writing and skills that we've been developing this year.  Below, students are "workshopping" their pieces with their peers, which involves sharing their piece and receiving feedback.  8th grade parents, you will be able to hear selections from these narratives during the 8th grade dinner on June 11th. 

workshop2  workshop1


Think Tank: Spheros

Students experiment driving and programming Spheros.  They are even working on a challenge to construct a chariot for the Spheros to pull. It has been a blast to watch test their experiments! 












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The Sock Hop

In culmination of our study of the 1950's and the 50's experience, we celebrated by throwing a very authentic Sock Hop! We served 50's snacks, like pineapple upside down cake, pigs in a blanket, cheese whiz, jello salad, root beer floats, and even Spam; we played 50's games (limbo, hula hoop contests) and dressed the part in our best 50's outfits.  It was such a fun afternoon!

sockhop1   sockhop2


sockhop3  sockhop6  sockhop7  sockhop8  sockhop9

sockhop5  spam  spam2

April 2019


Circumference of Man, by Russell Armstrong

Following a set of mysterious circumstances 40 years prior, the former victim of one of the strangest cases ever investigated involving multidimensional creatures and magical objects is sent to a small town in rural Kansas to investigate a mysterious ‘incident’ that has taken place. But once the agent arrives, he finds that old friends are not what they seem and that something foreboding reminds him of hauntings from his past….


Family is Everything, by Ariana Vega Werner

With super smart scientist parents and an uncle always there for them, Kay and Blair live comfortably in their New York City apartment. But when their parents are suddenly arrested, Kay and Blair feel blindsided. Hoping for answers, the two siblings follow strange clues left by an unknown caller. They are then lead to discovering a powerful secret that will change everything.


A Prison of Time, by Daphne Hobbs

Hecate is VERY powerful when it comes to magic, but she doesn’t deal with grief well (which is ironic, since her magic is based around death). Her future self, going insane from being trapped in a prison of time, decides to tell the story of why she was imprisoned. Because only monsters should face eternity alone, right?


Bike Chains Break at the Worst Times, by Sydney Aurora

The play begins, but where is the Narrator? Somewhere off getting run over by a bike, probably. As Gunter and Kyle will have to learn, the show must go on.

Behind The Scenes

Here's a sneak peek of the action in the dressing room, behind the scenes of the Sage Campus Original Plays.

dressingroom2  dressingroom1



Primary Sources Presentation

Today, the 8th graders had a presentation from an archivist at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. who is working with the collection for the Burpee Seed Company, founded in 1876. He talked with students about his work in the archives and how to approach primary sources, perfect for our experience with artifacts from the 1950's. 

IMG 4397

Though, coming from a person who loves history, the real lesson of this presentation was "find a career doing what you love."

The 1950's Experience

The Typewriter:  students are contributing entries about important events to a 1950's Timeline. Each entry must be typed on the typewriter.  The sound of clicking and clacking fills the hallways as students type, a very different sound than the soft patter of Chromebook keys. 





A big hit for students has been playing boardgames popular in the 1950's. Here, you see students playing "State Capitals" and "Careers." In "Careers," you an choose between Uranium Prospecting, a career as a Sailor, or even going on a moon expedition.

boardgames3   boardgames1



For our study of the 1950's, we are focusing on experiencing the cultural and political phenomena that took place during the decade.  Below, a student is excitedly experimenting with our new classroom record player!   

recordplayer2    recordplayer

Hidden Figures

To begin our unit on the 1950's and the Cold War, students watched the Oscar nominated film, Hidden Figures, about three African American women who are the brains behind the launch of astronaut John Glenn into space.  The film ties in with the themes of race and identity that we studied during our units on WW2, the Holocaust, and Black History Month, as well as our current study of the 1950s, the space race, and the Cold War.  

Hidden Figures horizontal

March 2019

Sage Campus Plays

Construction on sets and props has begun! If anyone has cardboard boxes they would like to donate, we would greatly appreciate it. 


sets2   sets3


Found Poems: The Holocaust

Wrapping up our study of WW2 and the Holocaust, students created "found poems" to reflect on their experience reading sections of Night, by Elie Wiesel, a memoir by a Holocaust survivor.  A "found poem" takes  words or phrases from another text that are then reordered and restructured into a poem.  This medium invites students to pay tribute, contemplate, and understand the experience of another. 

foundpoem3   foundpoem2

foundpoem1  foundpoem4



Spirit Week Highlights

Show Your Support 

IMG 4219    IMG 4225

IMG 4223

Twin Day

IMG 4180    IMG 4187

The Russells                                                                     Grey Ts and Vans 

IMG 4193    IMG 4228

The Lilys                                                                     The Dan Shepards


Hat Day 

IMG 6013   IMG 6017  

IMG 6024


Mix   Mix 2   

Mix 3

Wear One Color

wear one color 1     wear one color 2    

wear one color 3

February 2019

Project Teamwork

Mike Fonda, a prevention educator from St. Peter’s Health Partners, came to the Sage Campus to present a program called Project Teamwork (PTW) to the students in grades 5-8. PTW is a diversity awareness and appreciation program developed to address issues that may create the potential for bullying behaviors. The presentation created a dialogue around real life situations and exclusionary behaviors facing students today by using interactive exercises and open ended questions.  

IMG 5943

Black History Month

As part of our celebration of Black History Month, students researched black artists, writers, athletes, musicians, soldiers, activists; all radicals who revolutionized and were crucial to the shaping of our American history.  Each student created a presentation on a different historical figure and shared their findings with the class. 


"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

-Angela Davis


PJ Read In/Valentine's Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day (and our last day before break!) students and teachers wore their pajamas to school and participated in a“read in,” where students spread out and took time to be absorbed in their books. I still cannot believe how quiet that time was!  We also exchanged Valentines and had a special breakfast-for-lunch to go along with our cozy theme.  

PJ Read in       IMG 3883

Kente Cloth Weaving

The Sage Campus students completed a Kente-inspired paper strip weaving project. Kente cloth originated with the Ashanti people of Ghana.  It is famous for its bold multicolored patterns, bright colors and geometric shapes. Each color and shape has a significant meaning and are chosen to fit the event.

IMG 3937


IMG 5922

Sage Plays

We are now announcing the Sage Campus plays, which will be debuted in the Russell Sage Little Theater on April 17th.  Here's a sneak peak from our playwrights:

Below, playgroups are hard at work reading lines and beginning blocking for their performance.

Play Prep 2   Play Prep

Garland Nelson

Sage students went to Pinewoods Campus to enjoy a performance by Garland Nelson entitled, "The Evolution of the Black Vocal Tradition."  Tracing musical roots from traditional African culture, through slavery, to American musical movements like the Jazz and the Blues, we learned that the human spirit "will always find a way to manifest"

G Nelson 2   


G Nelson 3


January 2019

Performance by Troy Music Academy 

Students of the Troy Music Academy commemorated the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' last public performance with a lunchtime concert in downtown Troy.  One of our 8th grade students was among the performers, singing and playing piano for “Don’t Let Me Down.” She had an awesome fan base: our students!

IMG 3762 1     IMG 3749


Tech Valley High School

 On Tuesday, January 29th, we visited Tech Valley High.  They are in their second year of offering their freshman a course called "Principles of Technology" and this year they made games to teach younger students the different parts of a computer operating system.  The students enjoyed competing with each other as they reviewed common technology terms. They were even a part of a “Jeopardy” style review game created by a Taylor School alumnus, who now attends Tech Valley.


To begin the visit, our students participated in a design challenge where they had to create a device that would support a balloon one meter above the ground using only paper, stickers, a rubber band,  doing this all in only 7 minutes! 

TVHS 1  

Shaker Pointe

The Sage Campus students performed an array of songs for the community of independent seniors at Shaker Pointe at Carondelet. After the performance, the students enjoyed a special treat prepared by members of the community.


IMG 20190125 104005 


Think Tank

During Think Tank, the construction on students' interactive landscapes has begun. This is a project that incorporates coding using the program, Scratch, as well as connecting their virtual animations to their physical constructions using MaKey MaKey.

Think Tank 2      Think Tank 3

We are still very excited about the new Think Tank Space and the opportunities this space offers as a creative outlet for all of the Sage students to work and learn together.

Think Tank 1


 The Great Depression

We are marching forward through history, now learning about the Great Depression.  Students have learned the causes of the Great Depression as well as its effects on the many different types of people in American society.  We have also learned definitions to important terms, like credit, debt, and economy.  

Shakespeare      Shakespeare 2

Much Ado About Nothing

Our Shakespeare unit is underway! We are beginning our study of the play, Much Ado About Nothing with the 1993 film version directed and produced by Kenneth Branagh.  But before we watched the film, we read the first scene of Act I aloud as a class. Students were then able to articulate their own visions for the play before seeing Branagh’s, helping them to understand the meaning of adaptation.  After we finish the movie, we will read the rest of the play together as a class, along the way learning about the comedic genre, and the importance of tone and wordplay.

IMG 3562

With this unit, students will also begin their first argumentative essay, taking a stance on one of the many themes with which the play grapples.  We will undertake this process together, step by step, beginning with identifying a claim and supporting ideas, to crafting effective introductions, conclusions and body paragraphs.


We recently finished a unit on Erosion and Deposition.  In this unit, students investigated the effects of erosion and deposition on possible locations for building a "Super Awesome Base of Operations"  The learned about water, wind and wave erosion and the effect it has on marshes, deltas, cliffs and hillsides. The students then presented their findings to the class utiliizing posterboard, for a design of their structure, and powerpoint as they discussed their information with the class. 

Science     science 3 


In Science, we have also started a new unit on Space Exploration.  In this unit we will be learning about how we explore space, the planets in our solar system and how we are able to learn about different galaxies and stars when we cannot travel to them.  Here, the students are familarizng themselves with the history of space exploration. 




In 7th grade math we are completing a study of ratio and proportions.  Here are the students completed scale drawing project. They are FANTASTIC!  The students used a scale of 1cm = 5cm to complete their drawing.  We spent three class periods starting these wonderful drawings and the rest was completed at home.  Way to go Audrey, Lily, Ariana, and Daphne!  Great Job!

IMG 20190206 101406

IMG 20190206 101402

IMG 20190206 101410IMG 20190206 101413