The partnership between our families and the Susan Odell Taylor School is a very important part of our students' success. The greatest contributions our families make are those everyday things that prepare our students to learn. A healthy breakfast, a hug before school, celebrating your child's school work, meeting your child's eyes as they perform at the school play, and providing encouragement to work through challenges - all make a big difference to your child's academic experience and joy for learning.

We welcome and encourage an open line of communication between our parents and teachers, and our administrative staff. In addition to holding two parent-teacher conferences a year, we are in regular communication about developments in our classrooms and encourage your questions and conversations about your child's progress.

School Day Hours

Lower School (Preschool - Grade 4) 8:30am - 3:30 pm

Upper School (Grades 5-8) 8:10am - 3:20pm