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June 6 Celebration at Brown's Revolution Hall (Parents only event)

June 12 Field Day

June 14 Moving Up Day at Emma Willard School for all students

Happy Spring!

To kick off our next unit, Colors, Shapes and Mixing Colors, the children have been working diligently designing and creating beautiful warm or cool color fabric squares which will be the face of a big, fluffy pillow they are making! We started off by learning about the difference between warm and cool colors. We decided some colors, like red, orange and yellow, make us think of the sun, the beach, hot water and summer. These are our warm colors. We decided other colors, like blue, green and purple, remind us of cool water, ice, snow and winter. These are our cool colors. Once the front fabric square is designed, the children will choose a matching piece of fabric to be the back. They are really looking forward to filling and hand sewing their pillows together! Be on the lookout for our finished products at the Arts Festival on Thursday, May 2nd!

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We've been celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday with some fun, wacky and crazy activities - just like Dr. Seuss's books! The children have enjoyed disecting Dr. Seuss's zany characters, wacky illustrations and finding all of his rhyming words! The children have become rhyming experts and can be heard all throughout the day shouting out "pop, stop, top, cop...rhyme with hop!" 

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The Foot Book and Fox in Socks were two of our of favorite Dr. Seuss books. They inspired us to do some crazy foot paintings!

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Self - Portraits

The children have been working extremely hard on investigating their facial features, developing an outline of their faces and realistically filling in those features to create the most beautiful self - portraits of themselves. Each child spent quite a bit of time investigating their faces in the mirror, describing the shapes of their eyes, nose, mouth and ears, looking at the colors and mixture of colors they saw and adding even the smallest of details. Please take a look at these masterpieces along the bulletin boards outside of our classroom!

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