Thank you to our Corporate and Honorary donors who donated to our Celebration 2018! 



All financial donations are used directly to support our Financial Aid Fund and the Arts at the Susan Odell Taylor School. Thank you for your generosity!







 2018 Honorary Members


Linda and Jon Martin

Elizabeth Odell



Kelly and Joe Ahearn

Anne and Carlos deNoronha

Bill Faragon

Valerie Gill and Allan Chlastawa

Kelly and Gerry Magoolaghan

Kristy Martin and Kris Mariaca

Nancy and Gary Maynard

Priscilla Richards and Mike Fanning


Lianna Adams


Lynn Beliveau

Mary Jane Bendon Couch

Lori Friday

Allison Garb

Jamie Gargano

Mariann Haggerty

Meaghan Jankowski

Elizabeth Kasius

Martha Mabeus

Mary Pat Meaney

Dorinda Murray

Michael Myer

Keira O'Brien and George Morin

Elizabeth Pollock

Liza Rodriguez

Lisa Trahan

Tena Tyler and Greg Dayton


Kai Akera

Marley Root




It is never too late to make a donation to our Financial Aid Fund.  If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, feel free to

Make your donation here. Thank you!